How To be Okay When You Fall Out of your Routine

My boyfriend has been away for a week. 

And I've been a complete weakling about it. Not just because I miss him, but because it has 100% thrown my schedule out of whack. Apparently, his mere physical presence is enough to maintain my routine, morning through evening, with productivity as my ruling planet. Since he's been gone, I've taken, like, multiple hot showers a day, watched two documentaries, gotten a cold, and barely written. Which is the exact opposite of what I anticipated.

I expected him to return home to me exclaiming "I GOT 18 NEW CLIENTS!!!" Not so. And I've become so frustrated with this seeming dependence on him that I've sunken further outside my routine. But I have found a few alleviations to this problem, (which, by the way, could happen for many reasons). 


Accept the fact that something is different

Regardless of why you think you may have fallen out of step with yourself, the first action you can take for yourself is to simply accept that there has been a shift. Denial is not a helpful emotion. If you can make peace with yourself and provide sympathy, the clouds may clear and help you understand what exactly it is that you need. 

Accomplish just one thing

Take a look at your to-do list, find an easy task, and just do it. Slowly or quickly, turn off the chatter in your brain and complete something you've been meaning to accomplish. I have a really difficult time doing this. But I find once I've got the gears turning and gathered the satisfaction of finishing a task, I'm usually confident enough to tackle something else. If that doesn't happen, don't fret. Take a rest and try again. 


Maybe it's time for a new routine

Lastly, consider whether this slump is a clue from your subconscious to rework your "set in stone" routine. I'm somebody who is very uncomfortable deviating from my normal day unless it's been well planned in advance. When I trap myself inside such rigidity, my unwillingness to budge means I delay from finding something more comfortable - which my unconsciousness has been trying to guide me towards.  

And, of course, deep breaths help.