Spring in Vermont

I love this time of year. When Vermonters timidly poke their goggle-tanned, chapped-cheek faces out the window for a taste of the brand new warm air, and the urge to wear a bathing suit coincides with unmistakable smell of snowmelt. 

spring mountain.jpg

I however, have been lucky enough to come down with a nasty, nasty cold during these first days of gloriousness. Initially, I saw this as an enormous stroke of misfortune. Until I stepped outside and up to the riverbank and realized that this weather may be the very best remedy I could ask for. 

So here I sit, with every window of the house flung open, huffing in every lungful of hopeful air that I can. Winter is an arduous process here in New England. But it makes the reward that much sweeter. 

Take this as your reminder to find some joy today.